Ford Nugget LINBUS – part 3: Devices and Hella IBS

The following list contain all observed device ID’s that are addressed on the bus. Several of the device IDs can be attributed to particular equipment or sensors.

ID      Device
0x01    Central Electronics or LCD Display
0x02    Central Electronics or LCD Display
0x04    Unknown
0x05    Unknown
0x06    no response
0x0C    no response
0x17    no response
0x18    Dometic PerfectCharge SMP439A
0x19    Dometic PerfectCharge SMP439A
0x1B    Unknown
0x20    Votronic MPP440CI solar regulator
0x22    Hella IBS
0x25    Hella IBS
0x26    Hella IBS
0x38    no response
0x39    Eberspacher diesel heater
0x3A    Eberspacher diesel heater
0x3B    Unknown

Some of them do never respond. Those are probably provisions that this Ford nugget is not equipped with, such as an electric sliding door step or an airco. Others have never changed a value in the data of the frame.

The Hella Intelligent Battery Sensor LINBUS protocol has been decoded before as mentioned in part 1 of this series.

Hella IBS Current Volt Temperature
ID  : 0x22 
data: AB 84 1E F4 2E 84 7A
       |  |  |  |  |  |  |
      IL IM IH  |  |  |  |     = Ibat (x-2000000)/1000 Ampere, Ibat>0: charge 
               VL VH  |  |     = Vbat x/1000 Volt
                     TT  |     = Tbat x/2-40 °C
                        ??     = 0x7A and 0x7C observed, correlates to unknown6?
                                 0x7C associated to voltage drop to certain point

Hella IBS State of charge, state of health
ID  : 0x25
data: 81 80 E9 B8 BB 00
       |  |  |  |  |  |  
      CC  |  |  |  |  |        = State Of Charge x/2 in Procent
         HH  |  |  |  |        = State Of Health x/2 in Procent
            ??  |  |  |        = unknown4 / correlation to Cap_Available or SOC?
               ??  |  |        = unknown5 / no direkt link to unkown 4?
                  ?L ?L        = unknown6 / corelation to Cap_Available or SOC?

Hella IBS Capacity
ID  : 0x26 
data: C5 04 CD 04 5F FF
       |  |  |  |  |  |  
      ML MH  |  |  |  |        = Max seen Capacity x/10 Ah (=SOH ?)
            AL AH  |  |        = Available Capacity x/10 Ah (=SOC)
                  CC  |        = Configured Capacity
                     ??        = CalibByte, maybe filled with stuffing bits?
                      |        = b0: CalibrationDone flag, 1=ok, 0=uncalibrated


The Hella IBS can respond to requests on several other IDs, such as 0x21, 0x23 and 0x24. The central electronic module of the Nugget however only requests for the above described three frame types.

One thought to “Ford Nugget LINBUS – part 3: Devices and Hella IBS”

  1. Dear SevenWatt,
    wow – respect !
    Congrats regarding your pioneering work in making the Nugget CI-Bus transparent. Thats exactly what I suggested to do after buying a Nugget and saw, that we have a closed system.

    Have the same Solar panels like you but with a victron energy MPPT charger.

    Cheers André

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