Picos ARM

Picos ARM – Jeelabs Embello on Windows

Picos ARM is about small embedded applications running on 32-bits microcontrollers with an ARM Cortex-M0, M0+, M3 and M4 core. Those ARM processors can be regarded as the next generation Arduino’s. The most important target platforms will be the STM-32 on Nucleo boards, Maple boards and clones like the Olimexino-32. And the very inexpensive, tons of fun processors from NXP, the LPC810, LPC812 and LPC824.

Articles will be added on

  • Setting up a Windows Eclipse IDE for LPC8xx and STM-32 developments.
  • Debugging with On Chip debugger support.
  • Using the Jeelabs.org applications published on the new “Book” series of blogs.

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