Eclipse CDT Plug-ins – Tutorials and useful links

A collection of useful links to tutorials and other sources of information on developing Eclipse Plug-ins is given here. Particularly on CDT plug-ins little information is available. For the better part, luckily, this is very close to generic Eclipse Plug-ins, with the exception of C/C++ “New Project Templates”.

1. Generic Eclipse Plug-in tutorials

Good series of blog-posts from 2009/2010 is written by cvalcarcel. It is recommended to follow parts 2-5 until you get the basic idea on Plug-ins, and extending the UI:
Writing an Eclipse Plug-in (Part 2): Creating a custom project in Eclipse – Adding to the New Project Wizard
An index to the 24 parts of this series is missing so I provide it here in the last section of this post.
Problems getting step 2 done? Maybe some useful hints here.

Many tutorials are written by Lars Vogel at When it comes to installing/distributing/ deploying the newly developed plug-in, this tutorial is very helpful:
Extending the Eclipse IDE – Plug-in development – Tutorial
To get an understanding on extending menu’s see this:
Eclipse Commands Advanced – Tutorial

Some other Eclipse plug-in tutorials:
also available at

2. Eclipse CDT Plug-in tutorials

Specifically on C/C++ CDT extension there are not many tutorials around. CDT can be extended just as it works with other Eclipse plug-ins. Using the public API’s of CDT. Next to that CDT can be extended with “New C/C++ Project…” templates.

Template development:

The Eclipse CDT Help documentation gives a good description on how to write and add a template, although this is not direct beginners level. It requires the ability to read API documentation:
How to add project templates to CDT
Look at examples: Picos ARM, Eclipse CDT built-in

Read this post explaining several aspects of template development.

3. Eclipse CDT Tips and Tricks

Finding properties to be set from a template, see second answer:

Finding types of property page controls for templates:
How to develop templates – documentation on property

Setting Environment
How to save project-wide environment variables programmatically
Forum post eclipse forum

4. Extending the UI

Some unsorted links

5. Miscellaneous / advanced topics
Eclipse CDT source code

 6. Links to Writing Eclipse Plug-in series

Part 1: What I’m going to do
Part 2: Creating a custom project in Eclipse – Adding to the New Project Wizard
Part 3: Create a custom project in Eclipse – New Project Wizard: Time to Refactor
Part 4: Create a Custom Project in Eclipse – New Project Wizard: the Behavior
Part 5: Adding Icons and A New Project Structure
Part 6: Adding an Icon To New Project Types
Part 7: Creating a Custom Navigator
Part 8: Common Navigator: Adding a New Sorter Under navigatorContent
Part 9: Custom Project: Defining a Custom File Type
Part 10: Custom Project: Creating a Custom File Type
Part 11: Common Navigator: Displaying Custom Resources, Refresh or Die, The Magic of navigatorContent
Part 12: Common Navigator: Keeping the Tree Open When a New Resource is Added
Part 13: Common Navigator: Adding Tests
Part 14: Common Navigator: Refactoring the Children
Part 15: Custom Project: Customizing the Perspective Menus (Main menu)
Part 16: Custom Project: Customizing the Perspective Menus (Toolbar)
Part 17: Custom Project: Customizing the Perspective Menus Using Customize Perspective
Part 18 : Common Navigator: Adding submenus (Presentation/Behavior)
Part 19: A Quick Display Fix
Part 20: Return of the Popup Menu (For an Empty Navigator)
Part 21: Return of the Popup Menu (Displaying Resources)
Part 22: Common Navigator: Adding submenus (Presentation)
Part 23: Common Navigator: Rewriting History
Part 24: Common Navigator: Configuring the submenus (Presentation…again)
Writing an Eclipse Plug-in: The Missing Zip Files

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