Picos ARM – LPC8xx fun with Jeelabs on Windows

Picos ARM is a series of articles on this blog bringing the new LPC810 Jeelabs.org RFM69 activites described in the JeeBook to the Windows PC. For those who appreciate working with a comfortable full-blown IDE in stead of the Raspberry Pi command lines to build and debug stuff.

The series cover by now:

  1. Setting up an Eclipse IDE for LPC8xx projects in windows
  2. Flashing the firmware to the LPC8xx
  3. Setup of On-Chip Debugging in Eclipse IDE
  4. Connecting the Nucleo STLINK-V2-1 SWD debugger interface to the LPC810

Some Eclipse CDT Plug-ins have been developed to make setup and use of Eclipse IDE easier for the LPC8xx JeeBook type of projects. More will follow soon on easier setup of debugging facilities.

One thought to “Picos ARM – LPC8xx fun with Jeelabs on Windows”

  1. Does STLINK support LPC8XX ? I have tried this combination in Keil uVision4/5, the SWD can detect the chip, but programming is failed.

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